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This is a list of SFC contributors (bloggers and writers), all of whom must be approved and have been fostered at some point in their lives or connected to the .

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Once approved, if a former parent, guardian, foster parent or case worker wants to publish to this site, you may vouch for that person and submit their content.

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Derrick Peavy

Sometimes entrepreneur. Foster survivor.

I am one of the millions of foster survivors in the US.  I lived in seven foster homes between 1976 and 1989.  My final foster home was the right home and became my family. I am exquisitely aware of my good fortune and luck.  I wouldn’t trade my family for anything but the honest truth is that one good outcome out of a thousand doesn’t justify the suffering of nine hundred and ninety nine others.  Nor should it take 6 failed placements and 10 years to find the right home. Foster care is broken. Sadly, survivorship bias continues to motivate the industry professionals to continue on with a deeply flawed system.

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