How to deal with living in foster care. NOT.

I came across this page from WikiHow titled “How to deal with living in foster care.”

Holy Jebus monkey balls on a bat.  Who the fu** wrote that?

A few gems:

1) “Stop crying. It’s always a good idea to let your feelings out, but there’s a certain point at which you have to stop. Sit up, stop crying, and face some facts. This is your life now, and there’s no changing that. You can be upset for a little while, but eventually you should come to face reality.”

There is NO WAY this was written by a foster child.  No. Freaking.  Way.

First of all good luck finding a foster child over the age of 3 who will let you see them cry.  Not happening.  Second, we learn not to cry pretty damn quick.  What you might want to learn is what it means when we never cry.

This kind of statement “This is your life now, and there’s no changing that” is the definition of ignorance and the height of arrogance.  Going to guess this was written by a very well educated college grad. English major. Probably a real scholar in Victorian era literature.

“4) Learn to adjust to changes. Change is something everyone has to deal with at some point in our lives. There will be a lot of new changes in your life right now. Change can be good, but often it’s bad. Again, try to stay positive about everything and you’ll see that not all changes are horrible.”

That’s right, at some point in everyone’s life they will have to deal with changes. Changes such as having all of your clothes, toys, personal belongings, and pictures and possibly even your siblings left at some other person’s house with no chance of being retrieved, because you’ve just won another one way trip to “new home,” and well there was no time to go back for your old shit. Nope. Stay positive you little whining bitch.  Not all changes are horrible.

I understand how hard it is to find fresh content for the Google machine to bring you hits. And today, it’s easy to just fire off a request for some underpaid sex slave in West Wazuri Kajikistan to write 100 blog posts before bed time.  But I am still amazed that sites publish shit like this.

On second thought… let me give it a try. Maybe I can do this too.  Here’s one:

“How to deal with getting anal raped” by the friendly staff at Surviving Foster Care.

1) Don’t clinch.  Dear God don’t clinch. It’s just makes it worse.  Besides clinching just leads to tears in your anus. Which leads me to my next point.

2) Don’t try to stand while being anal raped.  A 90 degree bend at the waist is best. This allows the penis to find the path of least resistance when plunging the depths of your virgin ass.

3) Ask for help when administering the post rape douche. I mean, come on. No one can do this alone.

4) Avoid high fiber foods for the next 7-10 days.  It will make things much, much smoother.

5) Not all change is bad. Just think of how easy it will be to pass those cheese pizzas now that you’re back side has been, shall we say “enhanced for high volume flows.”

Had enough?

So I know I’m making light of something pretty bad here.  But consider the contrast.  When someone is raped, we (rightfully) counsel the victim, for weeks, months and years, often paid by insurance. We prosecute the rapist, though not often enough.  We pass laws, we offer help, we understand and sympathize in 100 ways.  And all of that is proper and good and right.

But then you look over your shoulder and see a small child, old enough to pretend that he or she is OK (which is what we do to make YOU feel better), being carted off to another home for no fault of their own – their entire world quite literally changed overnight.  Their mind, their soul and their heart freshly raped anew – and not for the first time.  And we say “Stop whining you little bitch.”

The way to deal with living in foster care is…  to not live in foster care.

End Foster Care.

Just end it.