Richard Dawkins the Ass

Richard Dawkins is in the news again.

The latest from Dawkins:  he believes that the “mild pedophilia” he and other kids in England experienced in the 1950’s didn’t cause any lasting harm to him or others.

OK.  Good for Dick Richard.

And now a CNN contributor has decided that if those of us identified as non-theist, or whatever, won’t call Pat Robertson out on his bullsh**, she won’t call Richard Dawkins out on his.

Sorry Rachel, I don’t accept.   Please, call Richard out for what he is – an ass!

The thing about being accountable for your actions is – you have to be accountable. And that includes Richard Dawkins. Dawkins has made solid contributions to our religious dialogue. But that doesn’t excuse what he just said.

Pat Robertson? I dunno. Supporting Liberian tyrants and claiming that God will send hurricanes to kill people because of what they did with their pee-pee stick? No, Pat Robertson hasn’t done any good work that I can recall.

But regardless of wether Dawkins has made a positive contribution to religious dialogue and regardless of wether Robertson hasn’t, when they make utterly insane statements, comments which devolve the conversation, and the state of human rights, past accomplishments are null and void.

I’m pretty sure that the millions of foster and former foster children in the U.S. and the U.K. would passionately disagree with both Richard Dawkins and Pat Robertson. Neither cheating on your spouse (Robertson) nor tickling little kids in the wrong place are acceptable.

And yes, both cause lasting harm.