2 Year Old Killed by Foster Parent

(Update: Here is a link to the “Texans Care for Children” web site.)

OK, we’re supposed to say that the foster parent has been “charged” with shaking, and beating the 2 year old to death.

This kind of story is way to common and explains why foster care needs to end now. Not tomorrow, NOW!

That this happened in Texas shouldn’t be a surprise.

Alexandria Hill. Another victim of state sanctioned kidnapping.

Shorter version:

The bio parents smoked pot but still fed, clothed, cared for and loved their daughter. Mom had medical issues. Dad was probably making some dumb choices, but there was love in the home and physical safety.

But hey, the parents “Smoked Marijuana” (TM) and so our legal system made the moral judgement that the child should be taken from her parents home and placed in a home with this sorry, evil, bitch of an excuse of a human so that she could die scared, beaten and surrounded by no one who loved her.  Perhaps Alexandria should have read WikiHow’s “How to deal with living in foster care” and foster mom might have spared her life.

Update: Oh, and because there isn’t enough irony in the idea of foster care, turns out that foster dad was convicted back in the 90’s of…. (wait for it)…. selling marijuana.  Ah, so much awesome!

Shorter shorter version:

We don’t have the right to force you to buy health insurance because Jesus told us that’s not what God wanted in II Republicans, Chapter 12, verse 5.

But we can sure as shit take your child.

Or, as my wife put it:

“So… if a bio parent smokes pot we take their kids away. But if a foster parent abuses a child, we give them another one?”

That’s exactly correct.

I’ll spend the rest of the night thinking about foster home number four, senseless beatings, and mental abuse at the hands of such a wonderful foster mother not unlike the sorry excuse of a human pictured below.

Disgusting and hopefully, former foster parent that is now disgracing the pages of SFC with her face.

Here’s the story from the Huffington Post:

Sherill Small called 911 the evening of July 29 and reported that the child, Alexandria Hill, had stopped breathing. The girl was taken to a Rockdale area hospital, where she remained in a coma until she was taken off life support Wednesday.

Rockdale Police Chief Thomas Harris told KWTX that Small tried to hide what caused the girl’s injuries, but the truth soon came out.

“Initially the story was [that] the child was running backwards and fell,” Harris told the station. “You don’t get these types of injuries from a 2-year-old child running backwards and falling.”

Doctors said she had brain hemorrhaging and retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes. Small later told police that she has shaken the girl and accidentally let her go. She was arrested on Aug. 1.

Two-year-old Alexandria Hill was taken off life support July 31.

The victim’s father, Joshua Hill, told KXAN that his daughter was placed in foster care “because her mother and I smoked pot at the time.” An examination of court records by the station revealed that the girl’s mother had a medical condition that did not allow her to be left alone with the child.

In a separate interview with KVUE, Hill said he and his wife only used marijuana while their daughter was asleep, and that she never came to harm while in their care.

“We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care,” Hill told the station.

Hill said that his daughter moved in with Small after he and his wife complained that a previous home wasn’t safe.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag,” Hill said.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Small was a licensed foster parent through the foster care agency Texas Mentor, and gained custody of the girl in January. As part of her licensing, Small was required to undergo training through Texas Mentor.

TDFPS spokeswoman told KXAN that Small’s foster care record included “one allegation of a previous foster child in her care that had bruising and lead poisoning, but no deficiencies were found.”