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Killing kids

So there is this wonderful story about a couple in Philadelphia who starved their 3 year old to death.  Their daughter weighed 11 pounds at the time of her death.  What do you say when you read things like this?

Honestly, there isn’t much to say.

But, there is more to the story.  While the general population has a hard time fathoming the idea of starving one’s child – TO DEATH – you might note within the story that the couple had 4 other children, including a twin of the 3 year old.
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Starbucks Wi-Fi, Foster Care

Traveling home from a week in Virginia my wife and I stopped at a Starbucks in South Carolina so that I (the driver) could jack up on caffeine – America’s leading upper which is not only cheap considering it’s effects, but also legal!

As we drove into the parking lot, a mid-sized SUV was sitting in front of the entrance with several of its passenger doors open.  In the driver’s seat was mom, an African American lady probably in her 30’s, and two boys were moving in and out of the car.

Initially I was going to park beside them, but the open doors indicated that I might very well get a few (more) dings on our old Civic. Rather not. I parked, walked in, ordered my stimulant, something sweet for my wife (it was her gift card after all), and walked out.

Oh, and I went to the bathroom too.
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