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Starbucks Wi-Fi, Foster Care

Traveling home from a week in Virginia my wife and I stopped at a Starbucks in South Carolina so that I (the driver) could jack up on caffeine – America’s leading upper which is not only cheap considering it’s effects, but also legal!

As we drove into the parking lot, a mid-sized SUV was sitting in front of the entrance with several of its passenger doors open. ┬áIn the driver’s seat was mom, an African American lady probably in her 30’s, and two boys were moving in and out of the car.

Initially I was going to park beside them, but the open doors indicated that I might very well get a few (more) dings on our old Civic. Rather not. I parked, walked in, ordered my stimulant, something sweet for my wife (it was her gift card after all), and walked out.

Oh, and I went to the bathroom too.
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